Most projects do not come from dumpsters

Posted on: January 18, 2013

I’ve been reading a lot of craft and DIY blogs and posts lately.  Now, it’s not for me to say what other people do with their blogs, but I gotta say… if a project takes several kinds of materials and you had them all already, that does not mean the project was free, unless you got them all from dumpsters.  Paper costs money.  Glue costs money.  I don’t happen to have the right kind of paper and glue and all the other materials involved, I will have to spend money to make the project.  

My goal when listing prices is to include the price I paid, how much someone else might have to pay, and how much of what was bought was used for the project — maybe I pay $4 for fancy glue but only use 50 cents’ worth… it’s all helpful to know and share.  Unless I wind up throwing it in the dumpster.

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