Colors, they can grow on ya

Posted on: February 21, 2013

I’ve noticed that some of my tastes are changing.  For example, I’d always considered white holiday lights to be boring, and preferred the vibrancy and fun of colored lights.  This year, however, I was surprised to notice that some white lights I saw looked elegant and sophisticated.  Where did that come from?

And gray walls?  Seriously dull.  At least, that’s what I used to think… and now I see that Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter that is supposedly <a href=””>so great</a>, and sometimes… I like it!  I might never use it… but I would consider it now.

There are colors I’ve not liked and still don’t.  Not a big fan of orange, mustard yellow, lime green (most greens, really), and I really, REALLY dislike coral.  I bought darker red curtains for my living room, which is a newer acceptable color, and I’ve discovered I like Tiffany blue on walls in many pictures I’ve seen.

When it comes to wood, I usually like lighter, “natural” colored wood, or painted white.  I never used to think much of espresso-colored furniture or cabinets.  But recently, browsing Houzz, I fell in love.  IN LOVE.

I’ve never really cared for oak much, and like it even less lately.  Which is unfortunate, because my house is FULL of oak.  My kitchen and bathroom cabinets are all oak, and every door and every single inch of trim in the house is oak as well.  I just kinda dealt with it, since it looked okay enough, but… the more I look and think and learn, the more I dislike it.  (Also, as my dad pointed out, the upstairs trim actually doesn’t match the doors; they’re similar but close, and the downstairs bathroom door is unfinished and covered with toddler fingerprints, and… I could go on and on!)

On top of the oak, my kitchen counters and backsplash are a green laminate, with golden honey undertones.  The color looks great with oak… but boy am I tired of it.


(This is how it looked before I bought it.  It is almost never this clean.)

But cabinets and countertops can be painted, as well as trim.  There are products like Giani Granite Paint and Rustoleum Cabinet Paint that can help, and some aren’t even that expensive.

It’s all so, so tempting.  I could go with the blue Giani and paint the cabinets white.  Or a white granite look with espresso cabinets (though that might make my white appliances look funky).  And I still want to redo the upstairs bath with deep blue on top and white on the bottom, adding some very thin shelves for shampoo and such behind the door, and fixing the cracking ceiling paint, and would probably paint the cabinets in there too… and and and… did I mention how tempting this is?

Who wants to help? 🙂


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