It’s nice to have a place to sit.

I have a lot of them.

There are only two people living in this house, but there sure are a lot of chairs.

There’s a chair in my office area. There’s a glider in my daughter’s room. I have a chair to sit in while in my craft room, sewing or beading or making cards. There’s a comfy recliner in my bedroom for reading.

Downstairs, I have two bar stools.  My dining room table has six chairs — I have a big family and a lot of the gatherings are here — and a “big kid” chair that is actually for little kids, with the seat higher than a normal chair, plus I have four additional folding chairs so we can all fit at the table (which extends to a good size).  I have a toddler chair next to the door so my daughter has somewhere to sit when we put on her shoes, and in the playroom, there are a couple of small cute decorative chairs with fuzzy purple seats and backs. 

And then there are the patio chairs, some plastic kid-sized chairs for outdoors, and portable camp chairs.

So, with all these chairs for two people, what did I do today?  I bought more chairs!  Two of them are child-sized chairs that probably came from a school, $4 each at my local ReStore. 

And then my favorite new chair, very comfy, is a naked padded chair dining-type chair made of good hardwood.  I say “naked” because it needs to be upholstered.  According to the ReStore people, they got three of them, all brand new, but this one didn’t have a cover for some reason.  So they sold the others for $25 each, and this one I got for $5.  It’s very comfy, and I’m very pleased with it.

The dilemma is what exactly to do with it. I’ve decided I would use and have room for a dressing table in my bedroom — I really don’t need a second nightstand by the bed since I’m the only one that sleeps in it and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for a while — and I see a ton of computer desks at thrift stores and garage sales for cheap that would work fine.  Or, depending on the desk I get, I might swap out my old computer desk for the new one, because the old one matches my bedroom more than it matches the area it’s in right now — or what that area is intended to be, anyway.  Just add a mirror or two, and I’d have somewhere to do make-up (which I rarely wear, but should more often), experiment with my hair (ditto), and keep all my extra girly stuff like nail polish and straightening irons and such. 

So anyway, the chair. The new chair is more comfy than the one I currently have in the craft room, so it would make sense to put it in there, because one tends to sit doing craft projects longer than doing make-up (theoretically, anyway…). But the new chair’s wood matches the bedroom better. And since it’s not yet upholstered, that could match anything… so I need to figure out where it will go before I can upholster it. And even then, I find the choices overwhelming…

Not exactly the world’s largest problem, but these are the kinds of choices I could use input on!


I’ve been spending some time (…and by “some” I mean “a lot”) on Pinterest, and I keep seeing these lovely blogs filled with great ideas and neat tutorials and professional-looking photos of uncluttered homes.  I wish I could make one of those!

But I can’t seem to get my photos to come out like that, there’s always so much STUFF in mine.  And I’m more filled with ideas than execution, and more raw materials than ideas.  I keep thinking, “There’s GOT to be something cool I could do with that! But what?”

I really shouldn’t worry about those, though, because I’ve got SO many interests as it is!  In the past few weeks, I’ve been brainstorming and working on some sewing projects — pillows, adjusting my daughter’s clothes, etc.; gotten some cardmaking supplies — I’ve always wanted to do it, and then I got a load of stamps and inks from someone through Craigslist and now want to get into it; and I’ve gotten several furniture/decor items at garage sales and such to refinish/update.  I also would love to start making Cabbage Patch doll clothes, and I want to somehow upholster my daughter’s bedroom door to make it more sound-proof — she’s a touchy sleeper — and I’ve decided I need (and have room for) a dressing table.  I have two years’ worth of receipts, paid bills, bank statements, and other various papers that need to be organized and stored.  I’ve decided I need some kind of storage place for mittens and other such gear in the mudroom, because they’re just piled on a small table in my foyer right now.  I’ve got a ton of ideas off of Pinterest I’d love to implement for organizing things around here, and my craft room isn’t finished yet.  I’m trying to start a vegetable/herb garden.  There are some things around the house that need to be taken care of, like the towel ring in the downstairs bathroom that fell down and the living room curtain rod that broke yesterday.  And there are always chores that need to be done, laundry and dishes to wash, meals to cook, groceries to buy, family birthdays to buy for, not to mention a toddler and cat to care for, play with, and clean up after… and grad school starts up again next week.  GAH!

My biggest limitation is energy, though time and money aren’t far behind.

So, I’m hoping that blogging can help me focus the time and energy I have, and keep me from spending more money!