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I’ve been reading a lot of craft and DIY blogs and posts lately.  Now, it’s not for me to say what other people do with their blogs, but I gotta say… if a project takes several kinds of materials and you had them all already, that does not mean the project was free, unless you got them all from dumpsters.  Paper costs money.  Glue costs money.  I don’t happen to have the right kind of paper and glue and all the other materials involved, I will have to spend money to make the project.  

My goal when listing prices is to include the price I paid, how much someone else might have to pay, and how much of what was bought was used for the project — maybe I pay $4 for fancy glue but only use 50 cents’ worth… it’s all helpful to know and share.  Unless I wind up throwing it in the dumpster.

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So I started this blog in May of 2012.  I actually wrote a long entry a few days after May 9th, but then somehow hit a wrong button or something and it disappeared, which was pretty discouraging. Then I got busy with school, and then I got a job for a few months (while still doing school in my spare moments, I’m still not sure how I juggled everything), and then school stayed busy and I was pretty fried, and then the holidays happened, and… yeah, here we are.  

I gave up on making much of New Year’s resolutions in the past — my resolution last year was to floss more, and didn’t even do that, and some years I’ve made none at all — but this year I’m making a few.  

One of them, which may be obvious by the fact that I am typing now, is to use this blog.  I’ve been wanting to, and writing entries in my head, but have failed to get to the keyboard, until now.  

Another is to take more pictures and videos.  There have been months where I’ve taken very few photos and no videos for the sole reason that my daughter’s hair was a mess — she’s got pretty crazy hair, and it takes a squirt bottle and a lot of brushing/combing to tame it, and then it often winds up a wild mess again in a short time.  She’s not a big fan of the squirt bottle, or holding still, so I often wind up only taking the time to make it look half-decent when we’re going somewhere.  And then I’m too ashamed to take pictures of her activities and cuteness.  Or the house is a mess and I’m ashamed of that.  (I could resolve to spend more time decluttering, but it’s just not one of my priorities.)  No more!  

The last resolution is a smaller one, but can also be assisted by blogging about it:  I want to freeze more ready-to-cook and already-cooked meals.  Done properly, this should result in less time spent in the kitchen, and also decrease our reliance on quick but not terribly healthy meals such as hot dogs, grilled cheese, and Taco Bell.  

There are other small resolutions:  I’m drinking out of wine glasses more, because I enjoy it, even if it’s just water, and I have half a million candles that I should actually light more often.  And goals such as being a good mom and helping my daughter grow, doing projects around the house, trying new recipes, and working hard at school are ongoing, not just for the new year.

So… here goes nothing!


I’ve been spending some time (…and by “some” I mean “a lot”) on Pinterest, and I keep seeing these lovely blogs filled with great ideas and neat tutorials and professional-looking photos of uncluttered homes.  I wish I could make one of those!

But I can’t seem to get my photos to come out like that, there’s always so much STUFF in mine.  And I’m more filled with ideas than execution, and more raw materials than ideas.  I keep thinking, “There’s GOT to be something cool I could do with that! But what?”

I really shouldn’t worry about those, though, because I’ve got SO many interests as it is!  In the past few weeks, I’ve been brainstorming and working on some sewing projects — pillows, adjusting my daughter’s clothes, etc.; gotten some cardmaking supplies — I’ve always wanted to do it, and then I got a load of stamps and inks from someone through Craigslist and now want to get into it; and I’ve gotten several furniture/decor items at garage sales and such to refinish/update.  I also would love to start making Cabbage Patch doll clothes, and I want to somehow upholster my daughter’s bedroom door to make it more sound-proof — she’s a touchy sleeper — and I’ve decided I need (and have room for) a dressing table.  I have two years’ worth of receipts, paid bills, bank statements, and other various papers that need to be organized and stored.  I’ve decided I need some kind of storage place for mittens and other such gear in the mudroom, because they’re just piled on a small table in my foyer right now.  I’ve got a ton of ideas off of Pinterest I’d love to implement for organizing things around here, and my craft room isn’t finished yet.  I’m trying to start a vegetable/herb garden.  There are some things around the house that need to be taken care of, like the towel ring in the downstairs bathroom that fell down and the living room curtain rod that broke yesterday.  And there are always chores that need to be done, laundry and dishes to wash, meals to cook, groceries to buy, family birthdays to buy for, not to mention a toddler and cat to care for, play with, and clean up after… and grad school starts up again next week.  GAH!

My biggest limitation is energy, though time and money aren’t far behind.

So, I’m hoping that blogging can help me focus the time and energy I have, and keep me from spending more money!